Online Gambling Coming To Quebec In Poker And Sports Betting Form

British Columbia and the four Atlantic provinces in Canada already offer online gambling. Now, Loto-Quebec is preparing to become the latest in Canada to offer Internet gambling to their clients.

The plan that was revealed has the online gambling beginning next summer. Clients would be allowed to bet on sports, and there also would be online poker for those who were interested.

There are certain law restrictions regarding the online gambling, but Loto-Quebec has already asked the Quebec government to amend these laws. They feel they have the safeguards in place that would promote responsible gaming.

Problem gambling has been a concern in many countries that have expanded their Internet gambling laws. Many of these companies have set up agencies that will deal with gamblers who have, or develop, an addiction. Helplines have been set up in some of these cases, and trained counselors are available in others.

Internet gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In the years from 2004 to 2009, online gambling has increased by 300 percent. Over the next few years it is expected to increase in even greater increments.

Lottery gambling has not been as high in recent years as it had been, and that has created a need for increased revenue. The online gambling operations would substantially increase the amount of revenue that Loto-Quebec currently takes in.

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