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Online Gambling More Popular Than Facebook In The UK

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The UK has become the model by which other online gambling industries are measured in the past couple of years, and research group Nielsen proved that with research on Monday. Nielsen claims that online gambling was bigger last year in the UK than social media sites such as Facebook.

Nielsen revealed that an additional 3.2 million people went to online gambling sites last year. That represents a forty percent increase over the previous year. Social media sites had an additional 2.2 million people who accessed their sites.

The numbers are not particularly shocking for those within the gaming industry. The UK has established itself as a leader in the online gambling industry. Other countries have followed Britain into the market in recent years, and much of Europe now has regulated Internet gambling, something that could not have been said ten years ago.

Middle aged men drove the spike in numbers, according to Nielsen. Women, however, did represent forty-six percent of online gamblers. Online poker and bingo are two of the most popular games that are enjoyed by British citizens. The poker craze is sweeping not only through Britain but all across the world.

“Online poker sites have experienced a huge increase in customers over the past decade,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “Playing poker on the Internet has become even more popular than land-based poker games held at casinos throughout the world. It has become somewhat of a phenomenon.”

The US is considered to be the largest online gambling market, but the government in the country has yet to regulate the industry. If lawmakers succeed in changing the current laws regarding online gambling, several companies based in Britain are expected to apply for licenses to operate in the US.

The figures released by Nielsen has caused concern among those opposed to online gambling. The number one fear of the opposition is that Internet gambling sites are too easily accessible, something that is backed yup by the numbers in the Nielsen study.

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